If you’re a charity or not for profit organisation you’ve come to the right place! Here’s a couple of films that showcase our ability as film makers to help organisations to express the great work that they’re doing;

The Grenville Hub

The City of Playford approached us to promote their new Grenville Hub, which provides a broad range of services for people 50 years and over, offering programs, which promote healthy living, social connection, and enjoyment. Gotta say, this was a very fun film to make. Throwing an 85 year old on a Harley Davidson was one of our better ideas! The client loved it and said that “there were smiles on a lot of faces when they showed the film at their launch event!”

Save our Sons

Save our Sons was founded by a father who is trying to save his son’s life from Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy. What a man, what a charity. This film shows the impact that the charity is having to help galvanise supporters.

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Riverine Recovery Project

This project focuses on using engineering solutions to restore more natural water flows to critical ecosystems along the River Murray between Wellington and the border of South Australia and Victoria. We were asked to make a series of films that promoted the great work that the Department for Environment are doing. This was a lot of fun as we got to use our Drone a fair bit!




We are Sturt :

Sturt Football club approached us because they wanted to make a film that showcased what goes into a football club behind the scenes. We put together a film which combined timelapse with footage of all the aspects of a footy club that are often overlooked. We feel that we have a very elegant, very heartfelt film with a very strong message. This film was screened on the footy show on channel 7 during a recent match. Let us tell your story contact us today!

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