We get to the heart of what makes your event special

Roy Orbison Tribute Show – Black and White

We filmed a band providing a tribute show at Her Majesty’s Theater in Adelaide back in 2016! Yes this looks like it’s filmed in the 1960’s that’s the look the band wanted and so that’s what we delivered : ) Very cool band and this guy had a great voice contact us if you need your band filmed because we believe that we’re great at it!

Dream Big

Dream Big is a festival which encourages our children to become enamored by art. Our film captured a feeling of epicness which was in alignment with the feeling of the day.



Unley Council Gourmet Gala :

Unley Council run an event every year which is called the “Unley Gourmet Gala” the purpose of this film is to indicate to people what the event feels like to be a part of, something not so easily communicated with words alone.  The fast paced nature of the edit is a powerful storytelling tool that we use here to create a sense of fun and energy.