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What do we do?

We have been making Educational films for over a decade and we saw a need to create a more complete learning experience. People learn by listening to insightful content, but to create lasting learning, they also need to apply ideas. Our learning system brings; film, activities, text, graphics, quiz’s, games and workbooks into one place.

Why us?

We are obsessed with the idea of self-improvement. We believe that with the right knowledge and the right learning environment people can better themselves. We work with you to synergistically re-design and re-invent the way learning occurs for your audience. Our talent is to simplify complex ideas. It’s actually our super power! You come to us with great content and great knowledge – we can beautify and simplify it.

Who is this for?

Learning internally – Transfer your business leaders knowledge into a learning system. Its more cost effective to have a learning system train your team, than to have your leaders manually train each and every employee. It also sustains knowledge in the organisation.

Learning externally with a facilitator – Learning with the support of an online system is more powerful, scalable and engaging. Films deliver the message faster than a live speaker, which leaves more time for the learner to apply ideas. All resources are in the one place, which simplifies the coaching process.

Learning externally direct to participant – learning can now happen without the need for a trainer. A lot more people can be reached with the removal of geographical and financial limitations. If the goal is to help create learning for as many people as possible, this platform allows people to be reached anytime, anywhere.

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