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Documentary trailer 

When we met Taryn in 2015 she told us that it was her dream to make a documentary, and so we filmed, directed, and edited the kickstarter video, which had 7 million hits and raised an Australian record of $340k. Why was this kickstarter video such a success? Because it moves people emotionally. Watch the trailer below: 

Documentary Feature Film 

After achieving our funding we made the Feature Film! We traveled the world, interviewed some very interesting people and had a blast. Our client won the Australian of the Year award this year and our film screened on Netflix, at the Australian Film Festival, and all over the world in mainstream cinemas. Watch the Documentary Trailer below:

Not-for-profit documentaries 

This is a short documentary to show what it’s like for families living with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy. Try not to cry! 

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