We get to know you

We take the time to meet and get to know you. From that point on with consideration of what your budget is for a particular project we put together a plan for one film or several films that accurately expresses your key selling points.


We care

We put a lot of love into planning, filming and editing your films. There is saying that “excellence is in completion” and that is a mantra we live by. Why do we do this? Because we want you to be happy and we want the product that you’ve paid for to serve your organisation.


Advanced camera technology

We film on the latest camera equipment. Our camera of choice is the Sony FS5 Mark II, with the Sony A7S II as our ‘b’ cam. We have L series lenses, sliders, camera stabilisers, we have fancy lighting equipment to help make you look at your best and to create mood, we have advanced sound recording equipment, put simply we have a lot of gear! All of this gear is gives us the creative freedom to express exactly who you are, for some jobs simpler equipment will actually express your brand better (give it an organic feel), but for others we will recommend using more cinematic equipment to add production value, it all depends on who you are as a person or organisation.


We’re highly experienced film makers

We’ve been making films now for well over a decade. We’ve been through film school, made short films and documentaries and we’ve served 100’s of different clients. However what really sets us apart, is that through every film that we’ve made over the past 10 years we’ve asked ourselves one simple question “how can we do this better?” We push the boundaries of our craft. When you choose to work with us you’re getting a team of people who will create a piece of art for you which expresses exactly who you are and moves your audience into action.

We’re professionals

We believe there is a place on your website or blog for cost-effective self-produced film content, but we also believe that the primary films your viewers see should be professionally produced. There is a host of reasons for this. We have fantastic equipment, we’re highly experienced film makers, we know how to captivate an audience while they learn about you, we light you in our films so that you look at your best, the production quality will look amazing which reflects well on your business image, you’ll save time not creating the films yourself which gives you more time to focus on your own passion. The best analogy we can think of is that you’d go to a lawyer for legal assistance and an accountant for accounting assistance, you’d go to an artist to paint you an artwork, film making is no different, employ a group of people whose passion is to create films, in order to best represent you and your organisation in this way.