If you’re a charity or not for profit organisation you’ve come to the right place!

Like all organisations you need to raise money and awareness and film is a fantastic way to do that.

Our company is called Enlightening Films and our main aim is to help people share inspiring thoughts and feelings through the magic of film. Put simply we want to make the world a better place and we plan to do that by supporting organisations and people who are doing just that. Here’s a couple of films that showcase our ability as film makers to help organisations to express the good that they’re doing;

James’ birthday with Make-A-Wish

Make-A-Wish Australia wanted to create a film which captured James’ wish to have his eight birthday party with the Adelaide Crows. Our aim with the film was to create a sense of the journey that James had been on, culminating in the joy and happiness of having his wish come true.

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Uniting Care Wesley

Uniting Care Wesley Adelaide approached us to make a promotional film to help raise awareness around the value of their “Hang it Up for Poverty Campaign.” This campaign is a campaign where businesses and people donate clothing for homeless people. When we met with the client we discovered that the objective of the film was to communicate a message of how valuable a difference the clothing makes to people and what kind of journey the clothes go on. We feel this film is very moving and will really inspire people and business to get behind the campaign for next year.



Wirltu Yarlu Indigenous Center Adelaide University

Wirltu Yarlu is the Indigenous Centre for Adelaide University and they approached us because they wanted to let people know about one of their amazing programs. This particular program helps Indigenous High School Students visualize what it’s like to come to University.  What this film does brilliantly is condense a four day program into a four minute film which captures the heart of why this program is special. You should find yourself being moved by this film which is the sign of good storytelling.

Help Save the Furry Ones

“Help save the furry ones” is an amazing charity which rescues cats from the streets, heals them and finds loving homes for them. Recently this not for profit got us board to help them fundraise for a new animal shelter. They raised between $40000 and $50000 in one month using this film. And we’re pleased to help such a worthwhile and noble organisation. They are another very grateful client for the help that they received. We feel this film has a real organic feel to it, it very quickly communicates what the organisation does but it also gets across a subtle emotion of grittiness of the director, a woman who’s attitude is to help with little care for her own reward or fame. We feel this is where films are so powerful because they are able to communicate subtle emotions where words cannot succeed so easily.

Camp Gallipoli

Camp Gallipoli is an organisation set up to remember and honor our fallen Anzacs. We were brought in to film the last post being performed so that they could play it live across the country on Anzac day.  We aimed to shoot it at the right time of day and we selected this location because we felt it felt official and had the right feel. We shot multiple times and got multiple angles to make sure that it was as interesting as possible.