If you’re a charity or not for profit organisation you’ve come to the right place!

Our company is called Enlightening Films and our main aim is to help people share inspiring thoughts and feelings through the magic of film. Put simply we want to make the world a better place and we plan to do that by supporting organisations and people who are doing just that. Here’s a couple of films that showcase our ability as film makers to help organisations to express the good that they’re doing;

Save our Sons – The Journey

Save our Sons was founded by a father who is trying to save his son’s life from duchenne – a muscle wasting condition that effects around 1000 boys in Australia and results in them being wheel chair bound in their teen years and with a maximum life span of thirty years. This film is about the 170km walk that occurred this year to raise funds and awareness for the charity. It was a tough ask because we had to contrast the inspiring upbeat feeling of the walk against what the kids and parents are going through, we also had to walk a good deal of the 170km’s! We feel we got the balance right though and Save our Sons has had over 100000 hits on this film on Facebook.

To learn more about Save our Sons please visit



Rural Cancer Stories

Rural Cancer Stories is a project that we completed alongside UniSA where we journeyed to Rural South Australia to speak with country cancer patients who told their stories and gave advice to other rural people going through Cancer. The aim of the films is to create a sense of community in the country around these issues and help lessen the divide between rural and city based health outcomes. We made twenty of these films, this film only contains three. What it shows is our ability as film makers to clearly convey a message.


Onkaparinga Council

Onkaparinga Council wanted a punchy film that could get everyone excited about what they had achieved in the year gone by. We helped advise the client about how to make the film less informational and more emotional and the result is a nice balance that gets some key facts across but it grabs you and moves you aswell.




Dream Big

Dream Big is a really cool iniative each year that basically exposes primary school students to art on a massive scale. This film shows a bit of epicness and what we can do with our drone : )