Cinematography rates do not include equipment.

We charge $500 + GST for half a day of filming + equipment hire (up to four hours)

We charge $700 + GST for a full day of filming + equipment hire (up to eight hours)

Each hour over the standard amount of hours is charged at an additional $150 per hour.





Editing rates vary from project to project, we can do an edit quickly if you’re on a budget, but the longer we spend on the edit the better the quality so the choice is yours : )

Our editing rate is $600 per day. We include up to 1 hour of changes free of charge per editing day, any changes after that are done at $75 per hour.

Please get in touch in order for our team to learn about your project and provide a customised quote to address your needs.

Our team can also work with existing footage in order to edit a production to your specifications.