Enlightening Films empowers people and organisations to share inspiring thoughts and feelings through the magic of film.

If your story is an uplifting one our team is extremely passionate about getting it out into the world, and we believe that film is a very important medium to help visionary people and organisations achieve that, simply because it combines every form of communication into one.

Embrace The Documentary KickstarterTrailer:

This year one of our clients was Taryn Brumfitt who founded the Body Image Movement, a movement designed to help women to learn to love their bodies. We co-directed, co-edited and shot a trailer with her and launched it on Kickstarter, it raised $330000 and had twellve million hits. It became Australia’s most successfully crowd funded documentary.

Why is the film such a success? Because it captures emotion and moves people with that emotion. Our job is to have people be moved by what you do. As with all our films the message is expressed succinctly and clearly. Your audience is incredibly intelligent and they need you to get something across and then have the film move on if you are to keep them engaged that is another thing this film like most of our films does incredibly well.


Embrace the Documentary Feature Film Trailer:

After achieving our funding we made a Feature Film! We traveled the world, interviewed some very interesting people and had a blast. Here is the Feature Film trailer. The film has had Australia wide success screening in cinemas around the country aswell as in The Sydney Film Festival.


The Wellbeing Classroom:

The Wellbeing Classroom is an program run by the schools ministries group who’s aim is to increase the ability of children to express their emotions. They see emotional and mental learning in primary schools as being as important as traditional academic learning. As with all of our films, this film makes you feel the value of what this organisation is doing.

This film in a relatively short space of time helps people understand so much, so quickly. Which is the true power of film – the ability to communicate clearly. This film takes approximately ten important perspectives and interweaves them with footage to give evidence to those perspectives and envelops you in what this program is about.