We get to the heart of what makes your event special

Dream Big

Dream Big is a wonderful festival which encourages our children to become aware of art by practicing it on a large scale. It’s a festival aimed at stimulating their minds and starting a love affair with art and culture. Our film we feel fit the aim of creating a feeling of epicness which matched the feeling of the project.



Unley Council Gourmet Gala :

Unley Council run an event every year which is called the “Unley Gourmet Gala” the purpose of this film is to indicate to people what the event feels like to be a part of, something not so easily communicated with words alone.  The fast paced nature of the edit is a powerful storytelling tool that we use here to create a sense of fun and energy.


Bay Bridal Fair :

The Bay Bridal Fair is a bridal expo held at Morphetville Racecourse every year. The aim of our film was to showcase why you would want to come to this bridal fair. I think we broke the selling points down brilliantly watch the film and you should want to go to the fair! Which is the true test of whether we’ve done our job!

Black Jack Band :

Ding productions is run by the very talented Jo Casson a woman who knows her music! She essentially produces music shows to entertain people at large events. This is one of her bands and she wanted a film that showed the kind of music that they played and how into it the crowd got. We created this film and spliced together different parts of songs that they sung to really illustrate what you can expect to hear from this band and how much of a great sound they have. We used a piece of equipment called the Movi to create smooth flowing camera shots to add production value to the piece and give the film even more energy and interest. We hope you like it. If you have an event that you would like filmed give us a call and we’ll talk through some options with you.