When we are making educational films we are helping to find the essence of a message and communicate that to an audience in the simplest way. Here’s a few examples which demonstrate our ability to turn complex ideas into simplicity;

Department for Education Trailer:

This is a trailer for a six part films educational film series that we produced over two years with the Department for Education about strategies to help children cope better with the difficult transition from preschool to school. This should give you a feel for our ability to film imagery that complements a message and to edit in a way that captivates with timing.


Department for Education:

This is an educational film made in Adelaide which helps people to understand what “RRR” is and why it’s worthwhile using it. We made this educational video predominantly with motion graphics and narration. We think it speaks for itself, but within a very short space of time you should understand what RRR is.


Cinematography From a Master:

We created an educational film with Richard Michalak a few years ago who’s an award winning cinematographer. Our aim was to take what took him forty years to learn and communicate it to people in forty minutes. The film has now had more than one million hits on youtube with no advertising or money spent on marketing. Our skill is to make complex ideas simple to understand. This is our superpower. If you are thinking of making training films, get us on board not just to do the filming, but to help you with the scripting. If you’re about to make an educational film, feel free to contact us because we believe that we’re very talented at it!

What it’s like to work at Argo Café:

Daniel the owner of Argo café contacted us because he wanted a film to communicate to potential employees what it’s like to work at his cafe. The reason that he wanted to do that, is because he wanted only the right kind of people to apply for work at Argo. The film we made has a real funky vibe, with the music and with the way it’s filmed, this was done intentionally to match the brand and feel of what Argo is like. This film was made public so we had a dual aim here, one to teach people about what it’s like to work at Argo and two to advertise Argo café as a great café to come to as a customer. Watch it and see for yourself if we achieved our aim!


How To Make Coffee with an Aeropress!:

Daniel Milky the owner of Argo wanted to help customers who were buying his coffee plungers to be able to make great coffee with them. The point of this training film made in Adelaide is to clearly explain to customers about how to use this particular coffee plunger. In this case we weren’t involved in the scripting but we were still able to help on the day with delivery and in the edit by cutting out any unneeded words to simplify the script. We also added motion graphics to this film to help aid the communication and to keep it interesting. Note how the style of the graphics feel consistent with Argo’s funky brand. Note the lighting of the film aswell which we feel creates a professional and flattering look to the film.


Problem Based Learning Tutorial:

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