Our corporate films clearly communicate who you are to your audience

Film is all forms of communication rolled into one ; spoken word, imagery, graphics, text, music… which is why it’s such a powerful medium to let your audience know who you are.

Here are some examples of some of our corporate films;

Inkling Women:

Inkling Women is an organisation which strives to ensure that 50% of leadership roles worldwide are held by women. Inking contacted us because they wanted a promo film put together which very quickly communicated to their corporate clients what they did and why the did it. The result is a 1.5 minute film which achieves excactly this ! Let us tell your story today!



Sound Radiology MRI :

Sound Radiology is well you guessed it a Radiology business. They wanted to promote their state of the art MRI system but mostly showcase how they care for their clients in the process of them having a scan. We feel we accomplished this very well and the client was stoked with the result! Let us tell your story contact us today!

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We are Sturt :

Sturt Football club approached us because they wanted to make a film that showcased what goes into a football club behind the scenes. We put together a film which combined timelapse with footage of all the aspects of a footy club that are often overlooked. We feel that we have a very elegant, very heartfelt film with a very strong message. This film was screened on the footy show on channel 7 during a recent match. Let us tell your story contact us today!

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Unstoppable Trailer :

Dr Gemma Munro and Taryn Brumfitt are two very impressive and capable women. They decided they wanted to run a women’s online coaching program to help women become unstoppable.This film is a lot of fun and feels epic and unstoppable in the way that it’s put together. It’s had over 4000 hits so far and the program has been an absolute hit!  Let us tell your story contact us today!