When we first started filming conferences we noticed that often clients were getting us to film the conferences but never asking for the edits. We thought about it and asked out clients “do you think your audience really wants to sit through five hours of films after the conference has finished?” We said “why don’t we deliver you an hour of short films that contain the main content.” We have a real talent for making complex ideas easy to understand. Here’s a few of our conference films;

Department for Education Languages Conference

This film is one of about six short films that we delivered to a very happy client from a days conference. Rather than the audience having to sit through five hours of material, they can just watch ten minutes of the most relevant material for them. Even though we are not language teachers (this was a conference about language teaching) we can see what is relevant and interesting and what is not. If you need a conference filmed please feel free to contact us because we believe that we’re very talented at it!

Highlights of a speech on Body Image

Taryn is a powerful speaker on the inspiring topic of Body Image, her aim is to help communicate a different message about beauty to women around the world than what is currently being conveyed in the media. The aim of this film was to share with people what an amazing speaker Taryn is and give an impression of what she speaks about.This is more of a highlights film rather than delivering all of the key messages film.

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Department for Education

Again this is another Highlights film for the languages team. This is a three minute film that makes you want to come to the conference next year! It shows our ability to find key statements and film pretty shots!